Training and Safe Operations

Our aim is to be recognized by our environmental excellence among Man power supply service contractors and to achieve our environmental goals by performing safe operations and supply services with NO ENVIRONMENTAL INCIDENTS in an environmentally friendly manner.

Management Commitment

Safety is NomeX´s first priority. We are committed to provide the necessary funds and scheduling time to ensure effective health and safety training is provided.  Training is one of the most important components within our company’s Health and Safety management system.  Over the years, both management and employees have been involved in developing the program. It has given NomeX employees an opportunity to learn their jobs properly, bringing new ideas into the workplace, reinforcing existing ideas and practices, and has helped us to put our Health and Safety Program into action. We are proud to say everyone in our company has benefited from health and safety  training through fewer workplace injuries and illnesses, reduced stress and higher morale. Evidently productivity, profits, and competitiveness has increased as production costs per unit, turnover, and workers compensation rates have lowered.

Our objective is that by 2020 all NomeX operations will have an excellent health, safety and security culture embedded in their day-to-day business, targeting zero incidents.

Training and Accountability

For the execution of safe operations and best-on-the job performance, we believe that training without accountability is ineffective. Our safety culture must support training hence for us, a culture of consequences is essential. To help make sure our efforts in health and safety are effective we have developed methods to measure performance and administer consequences. Our supervisors and managers have a strong knowledge of understanding that their first responsibility is to make sure they have met their obligations to their employees before considering disciplinary action.
Our safety responsibilities are being measured similarly to job requirements. We have established a system which holds managers, supervisors, and employees accountable for the safety activities they are required to perform.
A greater portion of the company´s performance reviews is dedicated to safety based on objective measurements and subjective feedback. Managers and safety staff are being educated annually on the elements (processes) within the safety accountability system which is being continually evaluated by an established safety committee.


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