Corporate Information Technology Solution

Corporate Information Technology Solution

We provide best practicesolution on Information Technology for small and large scale organizations. Our seasoned facilitators and Professionals help organizations realize beyond their performance dream using practical and scenario based approach to implementation and deployment. The following are our core expertise;


   We are the first recognized Partner to Odoo in Equatorial Guinea, Odoo (OpenERP) is committed to Open Source Business Model and so are we. The software is published under the AGPL license.Odoo (OpenERP) is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Accounting, Sales, CRM, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing and Human Resources just to name a few. Over 900 Odoo (OpenERP) modules are available on Launchpad. We are also committed customizing bespoke modules for our customers on Odoo platform.

Odoo (OpenERP) unique modular approach allows customers to start with one application and adds other modules later. Customers keep the benefits of integrated software but avoid a “big bang” project. Odoo (OpenERP) allows you to customize the user interface and manage your business processes in only a few clicks.

The same version of Odoo (OpenERP) can be used either On-site or Online. We are committed to allowing our customers choose what is best for them. The absence of application license fees makes Odoo (OpenERP) very affordable as what is charged is a “user support license” which is almost free compared with same ERP Counterparts in the ERP industry. The complete set of service we provide (On line and On-site) provide great value for customers.

Network Architecture and Design

Our Network Architecture Team consists of network Architects responsible for the design, development, integration, testing and implementation of your data network to support Internet/intranet related products and services. The Team leverages experience to establish requirements for and perform vendor evaluation and selection of data network gear. We help you establish peering and IP transit relationships, as well as negotiate with good and recommendable ISP (Internet Service Provider) contracts on your behalf.


We serve your needs in the area of modernized wired network technology by providing extremely reliable Wired LANs with Ethernet cables and network adapters. Wired LANs using central devices like; hubs, switches, or routers to accommodate flexible and expandable network infrastructure.  Wireless Networks technology based on the IEEE 802.11 specification and standardization including (but not necessarily limited to) the wireless protocols 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g. To foster a very portable and reliable internet and other network resources availability. Network hardware Installation and maintenance technology, we make available to you all expertise in the area of network solutions.

System Security

We are specialized in Information Technology Security and we employ best security practice in the delivering or products and services ensuring that our clients’ data and information of any form are well secured. We know and have a full understanding of the threats and we ensure that we incorporate security into our application development process. We test our applications for penetration attacks on and/or before we go-live and we make sure we conduct a comprehensive vulnerability test. This is a standard that we have maintained for all out products and services namely; Applications, Network (wired, wireless etc.), IT Infrastructures that we may setup for our prestigious clients. 

VoIP - Voice over IP

We offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) installation and maintenance; this technology allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line with the use an IP-PABX. Customized Open source VoIP services solution, also allow you to call other people using the same service, it will allow you to call anyone who has a telephone number - including local, long distance, and mobile numbers at little or no cost at all even without putting up new physical IP telephones to ensure cost effectiveness in your organization.

Hardware Installation and Configuration

We do hardware installation/configuration for large, medium and small businesses. Our team are qualified technical experts with vast experience in maintaining IT infrastructure including - Servers, PCs, Laptop and Printers etc.

CCTV Installation and Servicing

We are sure that advancements in CCTV technology keep expanding its ability to enhance security as well as document visual activity for companies. Hence, these changes have also created design, application and service challenges for most end-users. That's where our experience comes in. We work with you to select the right digital video technology and design it around your long-term needs. This includes offsite camera monitoring, IP megapixel network cameras, Broadcast quality HD cameras, Video Walls, matrix control systems, digital video storage, and digital display systems.

Access Controls and Biometric

Biometric Access:Biometric access control readers provide increased security by assessing and identifying a person’s unique body feature. Biometrics combine the security of using a cardholders badge or PIN in conjunction with a biometric template. Our biometric solutions offer fast and accurate access control.

Smart Cards:We offer a two-in-one solution that combines a biometric device and smart card reader, using standard non-contact smart card technology. Fingerprint or hand geometry templates are captured during enrollment and directly written to a smart card chip.

Logical Access: Enterprise access cards consolidate employee credentials onto a single, secure smart card providing photo ID as well as a security device that enables secure windows and network login, PC ‘locking’, secure remote access (VPN), secure e-mail with digital signatures and single sign-on to your enterprise and desktop applications. Employees can also access buildings and other facilities with the same card for a truly consolidated security solution.

Operating System Platform Adaptability

Our Solutions are robust and at the same time potable – they are multiplatform solutions that are compatible with Windows OS platforms but not limited to windows environment, we support and offer all our solutions in Linux/UNIX environments as well as we support Apple Macintosh computers which has made us unique and most sorted.


We ensure a full data backup and fast recovery. This can be online (Internet) or offline (Intranet) and it is done automatically hence saving the organization pains from loss of important data. This also includes regular Infrastructure maintenance to enhance productivity and avoid disasters and ensure smooth day-to-day running of business for our clients.

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